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You are a member of a SWAT team and during a mission, you observed a strange humanoid creature, who was feasting from what it seemed to be a dead person. As you approached the creature it turned around and attacked you instantly. You were forced to shoot it.

Suddenly you were surrounded and attacked by a horde of these strange creatures. You opened fire, but they were too many. Unfortunately, most of the SWAT members did not stand a chance and were brutally killed.

However, you managed to free one of your colleagues from the onslaught, though he was badly injured. You instantly pulled him backwards, along a dark alleyway. A dead-end, it seemed. Your buddy pointed at an open sewer-lid. You managed to get him down the hatch and just barely, got the lid closed before the horde of creatures were on top of you both.

Your colleague's wounds need to be dealt with in a hurry.

How to play

Like any other shooter, you need to find guns and ammo to kill the enemy in order to survive. A hint would be to aim for the head

As you progress, you will come across objects of interest. Some objects are collectable and some are usable. Your crosshair cursor indicates the color green when an item or object is allowed to be picked up or used.

The flashlight has an unlimited battery.

The inventory

The items you collect appear in your inventory. Items will automatically be removed from inventory if used correctly. 


Movement: WASD

Sprint: Shift

Fire: Left Mouse

Reload: R

Jump: Space

Crouch: C

Interact: E

Inventory: I or TAB

Light: F

Quick heal: H

Menu / Close: Escape

Game in development

This is a solo project, so if you are expecting AAA game standards, this is not the game for you. 

Even though this is an early access version, the game is still completable. However, you may come across some unfinished elements, such as unnecessary items or incomplete objectives.

The game style is a bit like Left4Dead and Resident Evil. 

The full game will contain more areas like a substation, city streets, etc. 

For the time being, the game is only available for Windows.

Any feedback or suggestions are more than welcome.

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Updated 2 days ago
Published 20 days ago
AuthorAces Games
GenreShooter, Action, Survival
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, First-Person, Horror, Singleplayer, Survival Horror, Unity, Zombies
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Drained ver 0.1.3.rar 448 MB
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Made a video


Hello my good men.

Thank you for playing and your video.
I just had to make a shooter.
Hope you had fun.


man your game is so cool!

Thanks man. I’m glad you liked it so far.

man i have a question  Do you mind seeing my game on my page to tell me what you think about it because people go to the game page but he doesn't give an opinion or what

Sure. I would love to help. 

I've added you on discord. It's easier to communicate.


pretty fun but you can become trapped if you shut doors behind you, I don't know if that is deliberate, very atmospheric though fun game


Thank you for playing.
The doors aren’t supposed lock behind you even though you close them yourself, UNLESS you are talking about the orange door with the sliding lock. That’s on purpose. You need to climb the pipes.
If this isn’t the case, please let me know about the specific door you are referring to.


Yeah that one was on me hahah, great game in that case!

No worries, always happy to help. I’m glad you liked it so far.


THIS WAS AMAZING! By far one of my fav games on here! Well done! The shotgun shell discharging after you fire is a BEAUTIFUL touch! My only recommendation would be to include a damage indicator to let you know you’re getting hit! Aside from that, A+! Loved it and look forward to what is next!

Thank you for playing. 

I was enjoying every minute of your video. I loved your jump scare reaction the quick crawler did to you. Haha.
I agree about the missing “damage taken” notification. A lot have requested that. I’ll add that to the game in the next update.
The ”samurai” sound isn’t the gun, but for indication of a new quest. I’ll probably change the SFX at some point to something more suitable.
I can’t tell which version you were playing, but the shotgun has been improved a lot in the recent version. It really was trash before.
The crowbar doesn’t have a functionality yet. I have temporary removed it from the game. I’m sorry about the confusion.
I’m aware of the issue about the mouse cursor appearing on the screen. It happens because you are using the ESC key, when exiting the inventory/menu. Unity does this for some reason. This issue has been bugging me for quite some time now (In my other games too), and I still haven’t found a solution yet.
I’m glad you found the shell ejections cool. I thought so too and it wasn’t really not that hard to implement.
Thanks again and I’m glad you liked my game so far.


I really loved the game!! The only complaint I have is that its not long enough... You got to let me know when its finished!! Can't wait!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for playing!
I have never seen so much excitement about finding a shotgun :D
I had fun watching your video.
The glitches you saw on some of the walls, is just me being lazy. I’ll fix those at some point. 
Unfortunately, the full game is far away, but I’m glad you liked my game so far.


nice game , i got jumped a few times but it's pretty cool

Thank you for playing!

I laughed, how you panicked, and turned your flashlight off by mistake. Good stuff 😊
The animations were rifle animations on both weapons. I replaced those with a discrete animation instead.
I have also nerfed the pistol, in damage and fire rate.
Now that you mentioned it. It seemed odd the rolling door didn’t needed power. I agree with you. I might have an idea to make it clearer for the player.
The crowbar doesn’t work and isn’t important yet.
Anyway, I’m glad you liked my game so far.


Nice game. Loved the atmosphere and the old school vibes.

Thank you for playing!

Yeah, the game can seem a little old school. The game has limited details and game mechanics at the moment. I’ll keep improving on it from time to time.
I’m glad you liked it so far.


Pretty cool game with claustrophobic vibe. I found myself getting pretty immersed SPOILER (especially when you get the shotgun. 

Can't wait for full game.   GG  :)

Thank you for playing

I’m glad you liked it.


I played it I think it has a lot of potential. For obvious reasons I wont talk about the length, but I did have a few comments, I like the fact the zombies crawl fast at you. Most games have slow crawlers so I like you went away from that trope, I also had some complaints so to say. One the hit box on the zombies seemed to be weird in the video I shoot at one zombie where I should not have hit and did, and another where I shot and should have hit but didn't so I think their hit boxes just need to work. I also think the spread on the shotgun should be increased at least a little, since unless you are shooting a slug the shot goes everywhere. But if these two small things are my only complaints then that means you got a good start and I can't wait to see more from the game

Thank you for playing and your feedback.

The water effect causes the fps drops. Even though the player camera doesn’t render the water, it still causes the issue. I need to find a solution.
In the version you played, the weapons didn’t have any fire rate. I have fixed that in the recent version. You can’t spam the pistol anymore.
The pistol damage has been reduced also.
The shotgun’s spread angle can be increased. Perhaps I’ll increase it. However, it’s still possible to kill three zombies at once.
The zombies have two hitboxes. Head and body. It’s not perfect, I know, but it will have to do for now. My plan is to make it possible to shoot of body parts. Likewise, I want blood splatter.
Anyway, I’m glad you had a great time playing. 


so my ONLY complaint was that this game is too short! I was really getting into it then BAM! It ended 😢 haha regardless I had a lot of fun playing it! Here is my video!! I hope you enjoy :) 

Thank you for playing and your video!

Yeah, the game is a little short and it has some flaws. I need to deal with those first, before I start creating more levels.
I’m glad you had fun. 


Horror FPS games are, to understate it, extremely difficult to get right, and after completing this one and trying to compose a list of pros and cons, I realized that there’s no glue holding the game together. The first thing I noticed and kept noticing throughout my playthrough was the gunplay. There’s almost no reason for there to be any threat in the game at all. The pistol isn’t just op; it’s god mode. You can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger, and with 15 shots in the magazine combined with zombies taking at best 3-5 shots to the chest to die, there’s just no way to mess up hard enough to feel threatened.
Ignoring the balance issues, which at this point are trivial in comparison to the plethora of design and animation issues, straight back to that pistol—whatever model the developer chose to use in-game had it’s reload and fire animations rigged on a different model entirely. This leads to your character spasming uncontrollably while firing and reloading. Pulling you out of whatever little amount of immersion you were in, combined with sporadic enemy placement, leaves the entire experience more reminiscent of arcade on-rails shooters, with no build-up or time spent on the more horror-based elements.

Level design is actually where the game takes back some ground; even though it is entirely a sewer level, it doesn’t feel overtly maze-like, and a lot of the rooms feel connected in such a way that you can draw a mental map after only a few runs.

I wish I had more positive feedback to give, but really, I don’t think any amount of content dumps will fix the issues already currently present. If you boil the game down to its base elements, there’s nothing that stands out as special or unique, at least to me. More cynical posturing below.

Thank you for playing and all this feedback. I really appreciate it.

Wow, it sounds to me, you have very high standards, when it comes to free indie games on Itch. That’s ok. I’ll try and respond in some sort of professional way.

And just to be clear, I don’t mind negative feedback as long as its constructive. I guess you didn’t write all this just for fun, but because you do care in some matter.

First of all, you have to understand, I make games in my free time. I’m not getting paid for this, except for very small donations.

That you criticize my English, I think is a little unfair. English isn’t my native language. I've played several AAA games with spelling mistakes.

To the feedback:

Balancing – I agree with you. The zombies are easy targets. Especially if you are an experienced FPS player.
The weapons don’t have recoil or the correct fire-rate yet either. I want to add that in the future.

The animations - I haven’t done them myself. I have used what I could find for free. It will take lots of hours to make them by my own. I have received a lot of comments about those animations how funny or stupid they look. It really triggers me every time. I don’t know what to do. I could just make the weapons static, but that’s looks even more stupid in my opinion.

The shotgun has already been reworked to actually shoot more like a real shotgun would.

I don’t exactly know why the water glows, but it annoys me as well. The water also causes insane lag spikes. I need to find a solution.

It’s totally on purpose the game isn’t longer than it is. Because I haven’t decided yet, what to make from it. A lot of the stuff you mentioned is left open for future changes. That’s also the reason I have used the same zombie model everywhere.

At the current game state, I do agree it isn’t directly a horror game, but more like a basic shooter.

I believe that covers it.

Have a nice day!

(1 edit) (+1)

As long as you are aware of the issues and it seems like you do have plans to make improvements and continue working with it, apologies if I came off as harsh. I take on that attitude when I review a game because most of the other creators give short "It scared me boo" comments which aren't really helpful in the long run. I am glad that you are willing to put the effort in and I am looking forward to playing your vision when it's complete.

Thanks for your reply. I can assure you that I am aware of the flaws this game has. I’m not satisfied either, but I needed the feedback. That’s the reason I released it.
Likewise, criticism is very important and necessary if one wants to improve.
I totally agree with you about honesty. Fake reactions are just lame. 


Hey man! I tried to play your game, it's a bit glitchy but the problem I found is  when I started playing the game, after a while I hit esc and options and it didn't want to open options menu, instead the game just crashed. Now I don't know if the game crashed because of that options button or it would have crashed after a while anyway.

Oh...that sucks!

Did you play the recent version?


(1 edit)

Thank you for letting me know about this.

I will try and catch the bug if I can. 

How many times did it happen?

Hey I don't know what fixed it but it didn't crash when I tried to play today, maybe it's not even fixed or Windows fixed it on it's own Idk, anyway played till the end, awesome game I like it.

I tried to force the glitch, based on the description you provided, but I couldn’t. I’ll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, Thanks for playing. I’m glad you liked the game and it worked out for you.


The game was fun and I was disappointed that it ended just when I started getting into it. At first I thought the zombie weren't scary  but seeing how quickly they moved changed my perspective lol. Overall really fun game can't wait for updates! Thanks AcesGames
(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for playing!

Wow, lots of headshots. You have a pretty nice aim 😊
The shotgun was actually shooting like a pistol, but with more damage. I have already fixed it in the recent version, to shoot like a normal shotgun would.
The animations, I haven’t done them myself. I have used what I could find for free. It will take lots of hours to make them by my own.
I’m glad you had fun.


I respect the hard work that goes into making a game! Keep up the great work and thank you :)


While the zombies weren't really too scary or intimidating (except when they run full speed when you get near them), this was a great game! The task was straight forward with no unnecessary complicated steps, and the level design is REALLY good! I enjoyed this! 

Thank you for playing!

You couldn’t resist shooting your buddy. I know it’s tempting. That’s why I made it possible.
I was worried you’ve missed the large rolling door. 
I like how you say the zombies don’t seem too scary, but you keep getting jump scared by them. Haha.
I’m glad you liked the game, and I really enjoyed watching you playing. Keep making good vids.


The premise was cool, and the monsters were unexpected---but the game made me wanna barf.


Thank you for playing! 



Thank you for playing and for your video!


Just played it, definitely a must play. It has a lot of potential to make it in the big leagues, definitely got me at times!

Thank you for playing!


This game is good, support it



It's creepy how fast they move lol. nice job

Thank you for playing!
I’m glad you liked it.
The reload animations is actually the same on both weapons.
I know it looks kinda funny, but it will do for now.


This really took me back to playing fear loved it just wish it was a little longer definatly going to be checking this out when more gets released. Great Work.

Thank you for playing!
I’m glad you liked it.
I will of course continue adding more content to the game on an ongoing basis.



Hey! I really liked Drained. I got stumped getting locked into the room at the beginning, but I eventually figured it out. The rest of the game went smoothly and I would definitely play more projects from you in the future.

(1 edit)

Thank you for playing and for rating my game!  

The models and animations are from Mixamo.com – You have most likely seen them in other indie games too.

I’m not totally happy with the shooting/reload animations either, but they will do for now.

I’m glad you manage to climb the pipes. The intention of the barricaded orange door, is to force the player to figure another way out. Climbing the wall triggers Johnson’s death.

Lastly, I have fixed the crouch key recently. A mouse sensitivity setting has been added to the game as well.

I’m looking forward to watch more videos from you.



2nd game I played. Looks like a low budget Resident Evil. I like it

Thank you for playing!
First of all, I like your stealth approach at the beginning.
I noticed, you got teleported back to start, when you looked in the “How to Play”. I will look into that issue.
I do agree some of the animations look a little bit ridiculous, but they will do for now.
Luckily you managed to climb the pipes. I was getting a little bit worried.
Lastly, I should mention the weapon selection in the control-description. 

You should definitely play the Resident Evil games. I doubt you will be disappointed.


This is pretty fun, I like the spacing of the ammo. Biggest issue is the shooting, the gun looks like it's aiming the wrong way, and there no feedback to your shots. I think if you align the gun in your hand better, add like bullet wounds and knockback to your shots, and maybe ragdoll when they die, this could be really good. 

(1 edit)

Thank you for playing and your feedback

Just to be clear. I’m not totally happy with the shooting/reload animations either, but they will do for now.
I have used the models and animations from Mixamo.com. It will take a lot of work for me to try and reanimate those.
I do agree about the gun recoil. I did spend quite some time play around with the gun placement, but I didn’t manage to make it look better.
As for the shots feedback, I do agree as well. I want to make bullet holes, blood splatter and knockback effects. 
I guess, I should spend some time playing with ragdolls too.


I simply enjoyed it

Thank you for playing!

I'm glad you enjoyed it


Love zombie shooters thansk  very much enjoyed :)

so cool

Thank you for playing

I’m glad you enjoyed it

I like that you couldn’t resist shooting your friend 😊


good creepy

Thank you for playing.

You missed clicking on the sliding lock on the orange door (7.52). That prevented you from finishing the game.

I should make it a bit easier to notice.


I don't think I played this the way it was intended, when I was in the fuzebox I got teleported to the start and shoot the swat guy by mistake, sometime my mouse glitched and I couldn't interact with anything unless I shot.


Thank you for playing my game.

I’m sorry about the teleportation issue you experienced. It was not supposed to happen. I’ll look into it right away.



I have uploaded a zip file now. Hope it will work for you.



Pretty cool so far. I dig it. I'd definitely like to see more of this. I ran into a glitch with the card reader, but that might be what you mentioned in the comment below. I left it in the vid so you can check it out. Thanks for the fun! Some of those dudes scared me pretty good haha


Thank you for playing my game. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Yes, the bug should be fixed now, but it still seemed weird to me, that you got placed back at the beginning of the level, when you escaped the card reader. I will look into that.

I am aware of the player gets stuck on the railing etc. I will work on that as well.



Good game, I look forward to seeing the rest.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Thank you for playing and for rating my game. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

While watching your video, I quickly discovered an issue with the card reader. Luckily it wasn’t game breaking in your case.