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Brilliant game! I give my immediate comments at the end of the video but I'll put some below too, apologies if they're duplicated from the video.

If you enjoy puzzle games with a slight horror element then I fully recommend you play this game, I had a really good time

Very minor bug where I was in the clock UI when the girl spoke to me, and the menu for the clock stayed on after it also but got out of it pretty quickly.

It was a really refreshing experience playing a horror game that focuses on escape room-type puzzles (even if I wasn't very good at them). The one minor drawback I would say is that after a short period of time I was no longer scared going from room to room so in that sense the "horror" aspect had subsided, and made way for a purely puzzle feeling game.

I really can't wait to see what work you do with this game to expand on it as I'll be first in line to play it. 

Just want to say well done on your work with this game, thoroughly enjoyed.

Check out my video.

Hey Rhys

Thank you for playing and your video. Glad you liked it!

First of all, you did a good job completing the game without using any hint at all. That’s quite impressive, I must say. Many players have struggled in the past.

About the but at the clock UI glitch... Yeah, so I noticed. I’ll try to make it impossible for Elizabeth to interrupt the player while being in a puzzle.

The game used to have a player model arm like in Athemore. That way you could see if either you were using the candle or kerosene lamp. However, I’m in need of some decent animation effects. So the visuals have been disabled for the time being.

About the chess puzzle. Even though it’s optional, I give you credit for your patience in solving it. I actually never thought that the thing you mentioned about the defeated pieces should be next to the opponent. I might swap them over. Likewise I might add a snap feature which is going to trigger whenever a piece is correctly placed.

About the lack of scares when every room has been explored. That’s actually something I’ve thinked about too. So I’m going to think of something, because I want it to be unpleasant for the player. However the full game is going to be very different from the demo according to the amount of puzzles at one place and other events too. 

The “continue playing button” at the end of the credits, is made for Markiplier. He complained that he wasn’t able to continue playing, because he wanted to check out the locked basement door :)



Aces Games with the frickin soundscape haha half the time I couldn't even focus on the task at hand when people are crying and screaming in my ear! I rated this game, but with only experiencing the demo. Most likely will change when I play the version that has a price tag. Definitely had a difficult time with the puzzles, but once I completed them, I felt like an idiot because they weren't exactly crazy complex! But nonetheless, still a challenging fun experience!

Great work!

Thank you again for playing!

Good job finishing the game without using any hints. A lot of players have struggled in the past.


I just watched Markiplier's play through and I'm eager to buy the game and play through when it's finished.  I couldn't help but notice the similarities to Thief, being a Thief fan myself. The art style, the re-used sound effects, the ambient music that changes with location, the puzzles, hand written notes that fill the screen when you read them.  I just want to ask; have I suspected correctly? Are you inspired by Thief? :)

Thank you for your interest in Unaware. It really means a lot

Yes, you guessed it. I’m a Thief fan and yes, I did use some Thief SFX as placeholders, when developing the first part of Unaware. That’s including the game version Markiplier played. The SFXs in Thief are awesome, but obviously, I can’t use those any longer. I don’t have the rights.

You are right. I’m inspired by the Thief games and other good games as well.


I'm glad you're introducing this atmosphere to a new generation of gamers :)



But still looking forward to other updates!!

First of all, welcome back. 

I want to thank you for taking a lot your time playing my game. It means a lot to me.

You did very good on solving all the puzzles and finishing the chapter.
I know there’s a lot of loose ends and it’s hard for the player to figure out what to do next. This will become clearer in the final release.


Very nice game.

Thank you so much for your video. Very thorough playthrough. I like that.

Well done on completing the first chapter.

First, I want to apologize for these bugs you encountered.

Elizabeth has had several adjustments in the past, and I’m not done with her yet. She used to start patrolling again after talking to her, but then people accidently got stuck in corners instead. I will try and make her behavior more natural, when I have the time.

The books don’t describe the chess puzzle. They are only for the Clock puzzle. The purple chess pieces aren’t important. It’s because they are missing materials. I have just been too lazy to fix that 😊

I have never noticed the crowbar in the intro, so well spotted 😊

I’m hoping to catch that glitch you had in the mine. I suppose you did press “F”, for enabling the lantern?

Lastly, I want to thank you for rating my game and I’m looking forward to watch your video tomorrow.


Thank you for the info.  Still you did very good job.     And chapter 2 is coming up as well.  

What if you put Elizabeth in a chair or something. :)

I got stuck somehow and was not able to move my mouse...then to "fix" that,  sure I pressed aaaaaaaaall the buttons. I got unstuck, but the lantern was gone and never came back. :) Also was a stupid moment, when I did not look at the crypt, so I did not get a task to open it, so later on I could not pick up the second key. Or it just was an inventory glitch. It is not dramatic, but a bit annoying that you need to follow a certain process.

Thank you for your second video.

Good suggestion about Elizabeth, but I want her to walk around. She has scared some players in the past, because she sometimes had followed the player and sneaked up behind the player. I like to keep that element in the game including other behaviors as looking out the windows or playing the violin when she has it.

Again, I’m sorry about the bugs. I knew exactly what went wrong, when I saw them.

The lantern problem occurred, when you pressed E on it, while the black cursor was active. Just like when you collected the items from the Zodiac Box (I will fix it so you can use left click as well in the future to collect from the box). I have never even thought this could happen. I can easily fix this.

The key bugged on you. You don’t have to collect one at the time. That would be lame, as you already mentioned. The reason why you couldn’t pick it up at first, was because of you had a full inventory. There is a hidden counter inside the code, which should be equal to 15 if your inventory is full. And subtract by 1 when using an item. Somehow it got out of sync. I will look into that.

The box you found after using the shovel isn’t important yet. You are actually the first who managed to find it.
I will add better-quality textures to the game in the future. That would give a boost to the graphics.

I’m glad you liked my game. It means a lot to me. Again, thanks for your help. I would never have found these bugs on my own.
Take care


You are very welcome.  Thanks for giving me an opportunity to play the game.  I would love to play   more when it's done. ... so   i can find more bugs. :)  Just kidding.  It will be good I'm sure. 


Thank you for the copy of the game. I really enjoyed playing it, even though it wasn't my best play through ever! Haha.

Very well made and I look forward to seeing the rest in the future.

Thanks for your long playthrough. I do actually prefer unedited videos.

Good job on finishing the game and sorry for the bugs and crashes!

I will make it, so when lighting the candlewax from the inventory automatically puts the light back on.

The chess puzzle is about setting the board up for play and it is optional.

The crash, when exiting the house is new. I think I know why it happens. I will fix it as soon as possible.

The outside level is a bit laggy, when leaving the house and also in the cutscene. I think it’s because of the water effect. I’m definitely not happy with the water effect, and how it looks. I will work on that.

The last key was in the left burial chamber to the right of the coffin. I will probably find another spot for it in the future.

You forgot to blow up the large boulders with dynamite 😉

I’m glad you find my game interesting, and I will of course add you to the credits list.


So much fun. I got spooked a couple of times. I like where the story is going. I can not wait to see this through to the end. Again thank you for thinking of me on this.

Thanks for your playthrough and feedback

Good job on finishing chapter 2 and sorry for the bugs and crashes!

I have been playing around a lot with Elizabeth’s AI, and I’m far from done. I want her behavior to become more natural. Likewise, I want her to look out the window or play the violin as well. For the moment, she just stands, which is better than blocking the player.

The crash, when exiting the house is new. I think I know why it happens. I will fix it as soon as possible.

The compass gets enabled, when you find and equip it inside the house. It’s now one of the main objectives.

In the latest version, I have disabled the possibility to enter the house, when starting in chapter 2 for the moment. Because it does just as you experienced. In the future/full game, the player has to enter the house again. By that time, the house will become very haunted.

At some point, I will replace the chapter selection option with a save / load feature instead. The chapter selection option, is meant as a shortcut for you guys
The outside level is a bit laggy, when leaving the house and also in the cutscene. I think it’s because of the water effect. I’m definitely not happy with the water effect, and how it looks. I will work on that.

I noticed a bug, when you couldn’t pick up the last plank. It’s hard for me to tell what exactly went wrong. I will add it to my bug list.

The ghost at the bridge is not complete. That’s probably why it didn’t scare you.

You did fine with the Knight’s quest. I have not finished writing the questline for it yet. That’s why you got ignored by the Knight. I need to find some ideas for the quest 😊

I’m glad you still find my game interesting and I hope you will be ready for chapter 3.


I'm sorry I wasn't able to give it the playthrough it deserves. I feel bad that I sucked at it. I hope you still enjoy it and I would love to try out future projects.

Thanks for your feedback!

You shouldn’t feel bad. You helped me more than you know. Of cause, I enjoy watching when people succeed with the game, but it is also good for me to see how others play it. I can test it 1000 times, but usually I play it as it should be played, because I know how the game is.

About the cube puzzle – There are 3 notes total. You missed the major note on the shelf in the basement, which had two lines instead of one. I agree, I could make some of them with pictures. In fact, I did consider that, but choose the easy way with text. I might make it in the future.

The Chess Puzzle key – I’m sorry. That’s me being stupid. I forgot to disable an invisible collider blocking the table. That’s also blocking the players ability to pick things up through the collider. The reason I put it there, was to prevent the player accidentally walking on the chessboard.

I should prevent the player to enter the house again after starting directly in chapter 2, because the house will behave as you restarted in chapter 1. The player starts by the front door instead of the bedroom.

You were mentioning some pointers for help in the game. The journal is your friend here. I didn’t notice you reading in it once you got outside. That’s the problem, because it tells you what to search for.

You missed the last level underground, which were hidden beneath the ruins.

I want to thank you again for helping me out, and I’m glad you liked the game. Even though you didn’t complete it. I’ll bet you do that next time.



I did my best. got hung up on three of the puzzles.

Thank you for taking your time to play my game.
First of all, I am very sorry the game crashed on you. I will look into that problem and hopefully be able to fix it.
With these lets-play requests, I’m testing the game mechanics/stability, but also the game difficulty. I want the game to be hard, but not impossible. I do however consider making a difficulty option in the beginning of the game.
If you want to give it another try, I don’t want to spoil anything. If you need help, please let me know.
I hope you will give chapter 2 a shot as well. That’s a bit easier in my opinion.



I really enjoyed this game and would like to see it fully released. I can tell a lot of time and effort went into making it as good as it is and I would love to play the finished product.The only thing I think needs improving is the puzzles, what I mean by that is that the clues are a bit vague but overall great. The game was definitely scary and kept me on pins and needles throughout. I'll link my gameplay below if you are interested. I didn't fully finish the demo but I did my best and will be playing the rest soon.

Thank you so much for a good long playthrough. (Longest I have watched video so far)

You finished chapter 1, well done!

About the chess puzzle - You had the black knight and bishop on the top right wrong. Those should have been swapped. Don’t worry too much about this. The chess puzzle is optional.

About the violin – I have been playing around with some of the item positions, and I’m not really sure where to put all of them yet. That’s why it seemed weird for you to find the violin, before you’ve even met Elizabeth.

About the clues – Well it depends on the player, I guess. Some people have trouble and others think it’s a piece of cake. You didn’t use the hint function in the journal much. That would have helped you a lot. I do however, thinking of adding a difficulty setting at the beginning of the game.

About the wandering feeling - Many modern games are very straight forward, and not challenging enough in my opinion. Typically, you have an arrow to follow where you need to go. That’s not the kind of game I wanted to make. And because I’m an old school gamer, I wanted to build the game in a style as games were back in the day.

I am currently working on a Save/Load feature, but I am having some issues, but I am getting closer. I know it is annoying for the player to lose their progress. That’s why I made It possible to begin in chapter 2. The chapter two begins when you leave the house. I did actually make a notification screen whenever a new chapter begins. I just forgot to turn it on before I built the game, because it was annoying me as hell, when I did some testing.

I'm looking forward watching you complete the game.


Made a video for ch.2


You finished chapter 2. Well done!

There are only two puzzles in chapter 2, and they are not chained together for the moment.

I did notice some minor errors in the game during your playthrough. The compass is not meant to disappear. I guess it happened when you closed the map. Likewise, with the nails which got dupped. They should become consumed instead. I think I know why this occurred, and shouldn’t be too hard for me to fix.

The reason the trees were missing their roots on a distance, was because of the quality setting was set to low quality.

Now that you mentioned it, I do admit the bats sound a bit like seagulls. I will try and do something about that.

The last key was inside the burial chamber to the left, on the right side of the coffin.

Last, you forgot to use the dynamite, on the boulders inside the Workshop area.

Thank you again for helping me out. I hope it was worth your time.


Made a video for ch.1


Thank you for playing the first part.

You didn’t find the lantern. That’s why you couldn’t go outside.

The journal has hints. Including the one for the zodiac box. The hints have been improved a lot since the first time you played.

 The lighting in the game is not the greatest atm. You missed a couple of items because of that. I admit the candle light isn’t at its best state atm.

I am working on implementing another lighting feature within Unity, which looks a lot better. But it doesn’t work properly yet unfortunately.

 I am looking forward to chapter 2 😉


I loved Chapter 1 (Didn't play the updated but will try it later) and I loved Chapter 2, can clearly see the potential and here you added puzzles together with great atmosphere and a few jumpscares which is very great. Just one thing, loot management can be a bit better :). Anyhow great game, can't wait for more! (I wanna get into the church now lol) 

Hi Random LastStand

Thank you again for playing, and for your feedback
Hehe – You have to be patient for the church, I haven’t made the inside part yet. 😊
About the inventory. I am afraid of implementing a drop system, because the player might accidently drop an important item and wouldn’t be able to find it again.
However, I was aware of this issue and I have already made impossible to collect more equal items than needed in the current version. Likewise, the unimportant items automatically get deleted, when changing between levels or solving puzzles.
I needed to add multiple tools in the mine, because they can be hard to find, if there only was one of each.
You did well on the Knight’s quest, but the quest isn’t totally finished yet. That’s why he was rude - haha.  
I need to come up with some kind of reward for the player. Don’t exactly know what yet.

I am really glad you got hooked for more, and I will definitely let you know, when chapter 3 is ready.


Thanks for the response buddy, it was all my pleasure playing the game :). Awesome, looking forward to Chapter 3 for sure :) 


I liked the first chapter and I knew that I'd like this one too! Great job dev!

Hi Katy

Thank you so much for playing. I have replied to your Youtube channel


Pretty nice progress, still running into a bunch of bugs, but those aside the gameplay is still fun.  I might of missed a lot, but much of the game didn't seem like it needed to be done.  Maybe they are puzzles for the future, or secrets of some sort.  Hard to say until development is completed.  But keep going, this game is entertaining

Hi PseudoGrimm

Thank you so much for playing again and for your feedback.

I am sorry about the freezing bugs you were having. It totally ruined your game experience. I feel so awful when watching this bug. It occurred when you pressed ESC in dialogues/cutscenes etc. It took me a while to locate the issue. I have removed the ESC function for the time being. However, you should be able to Escape starting intro scene without any problems, because it runs on another function.

You were saying the game wasn’t horrorish enough. I will take that into consideration, because that’s not what I want it to be. I am aiming for that spooky atmosphere with some creepy elements.

So, if you have any ideas, please let me know. I want to make the game even better.

I noticed you were able to see everything with a bright light. The game is supposed to be much darker. Especially in the mine, you shouldn’t able to see longer than 4 meters ahead of you, while the lantern is enabled. Otherwise, it is supposed be totally dark. Perhaps that’s one reason, why the game didn’t seem spooky enough to you.

Finally, there was another puzzle behind the crypt barricade, but the chain isn’t complete yet. Therefore, not important yet.



I'm thankful you allowed me to play chapter two! The game has had it's updates. I'll jump right into everything I noticed.


  • The house living room is different
  • The new jump scare
  • Better graphics
  • Chapter 2


  • Unable to drop inventory
  • Inventory Screen Glitch
  • Double dialog during cuts
  • Violin stays in inventory
  • Still don't understand the chess puzzel

Overall the experience was a lot better! Lemme know if you ever need a voice actor. I wouldn't mind lending my services to help out! 

Hi Exo, it’s been a while. Thank you so much for playing again and for good feedback!

First of all, I want to inform you that none of the items can't be used as a weapon yet. I did play around making weapons and killing enemies etc., but the feature isn’t implemented yet. I forgot to disable the “Tab” key information.

Some of these glitches you were experiencing, was probably because of pressing the “ESC” key in dialogues/cutscenes etc. It took me a while to locate them. Luckily you were able to continue the game. My game totally froze when it occurred. I have disabled the ESC function in dialogues for the time being.

About the inventory, I am afraid of implanting a drop function, because a player could drop an important item by accident and probably won’t be able to find the item again. However, I am working on a function, which prevents the player from picking up more items than needed. Likewise, the game will delete unimportant items after solving a puzzle or when leaving the house.

The chess puzzle is now optional, and it is all about setting up the board.

The violin issue seems strange. I will look into that. I suppose you delivered it?

About the basement – Well there is definitely more to come.

The mine wasn’t in my plans at first. I created it during the Christmas holidays, and I wanted to make it as a sidetrack to the main story.

Thank you for offering your help as a voice actor. I will definitely consider that, when I have a manuscript.


chapter one: 

I couldn't actually produce any chapter one footage this time due to the ongoing bug. also when interacting with objects unaware becomes very laggy and unplayable. including the cubes, Elizabeth, the frying pan, etc. although i do love the concept design where it's heading although when the bugs are fixed I believe the game will have a really nice touch to new players in the future.

for chapter two: I would like to mention a small visual update can accommodate the annoying lag in my playthrough. Second of all, I love the direction unaware is taking in chapter 2. Also, I found running through the tunnel system to separate areas pretty enjoyable. but yet again don't rush this part of the game I think it has great potential when its finished ps hardly any bugs in chapter 2 besides some lag other than that I enjoyed the new area that u have created.

thanks again, Allan(:

Hey Neville

I have just watched your playthrough and it was alright just recording chapter 2, since you already have recorded chapter 1 twice.

You mentioned the compass was missing. It should have been available from chapter 2’s beginning. So That is an issue I’ll have to look into. Shouldn’t be too hard to fix it. The player should start at chapter 2 with the Lantern, Compass, Full Health, Map and Matches.

Inside the mine, I noticed you’ve had significant lag spikes from time to time. I need to investigate that thoroughly.

I have just found out, I had two “mines” on top of each other. I have removed one of them of course.

As the player falls into the mine, I am planning to make some earthquake sounds and some camera shake, to make a bit more realistic.

Another thing was your view distance in the mine. You were able to see from one end of a tunnel to the other. It’s Unity’s weird way of lowering the graphics. This I have already fixed, so it won’t be possible anymore.

You forgot to blow up the rocks 😊

Last but not least, I want to inform you, that you can sprint holding down Shift.

Thanks again for all your help so far.



i need MORE OF THIS!

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Great playthrough. Even I get caught on those jumpscares now and then, even though I know where they are. :)
As we already discussed, I will try and make the item handling a bit better. Furthermore, I am planning to make a hotkey for the maps.


Are you looking for a proofreader? I noticed quite a few grammatical + punctuational errors in the game (watched Markiplier's playthrough). Not asking for any money. Just want to see indie horror games do better. if you're interested. Name's Dani.

Good luck with everything, game shows a lot of promise. =)

Thanks for your offer. I have sent you a mail.


Game is super impressive! Enjoyed it a lot and was very immersed. I wish my game could be as noticeable as yours, i released my demo this weekend. Just have to give it time i guess! Loved your game though! :)

Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed my game.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t have a lot of activity, when I first launched back in August. 14 days after launch, I started to post on reddit, game dev discords and so on. That didn’t do much. Later I wrote emails to at least 100 youtubers, who typically were into indie-horror games. That seemed to do the trick. I peaked with about 350 views one day.

They say the easiest part is to develop the game. The hardest part is to get people to play it. So, you have to do some work, to get your game noticed. After all, we are competing against at least 200.000 other games out there just on Itch. It’s a rough business. 

I really hope it will work out for you.

Your game looks promising. When I have time, I will definitely give it a try and report back to you.

Thank you it means a lot! And for me being 16 it definitely makes it harder to get noticed. I have posted on you tubers channels already and got a couple of responses, now is time for the waiting game. But the idea for Reddit is genius! didn't even think of that. Glad your game is doing well and thanks for the kind words, hope your development of full release goes great as well. 

I have been making short things on my own to test puzzles and making gameplay smooth, as a challenge to see what I learned I hid my other game for now and just now released a short horror game called anxiety. Before I try to make anything large/major I'm going to make smaller horror games to test and see what genre of horror game I'm best at. I just hope I can get it noticed <3

That's Awesome

I'll give it a try and report back to you.

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I also came from Markiplier's playthrough of Unaware, and I hope you have more coming!! It stopped so suddenly and I really want more. I saw the big map, so I hope there is an outdoor section too, that would be really cool. Keep up the good work!  :D

Thanks for your interest. It means a lot to me.

Yes, you guessed it. There will be a lot more to come. The outdoor section will probably be implemented in January if everything go as planned.


I just watched Markplier’s playing Unaware. I like this game! Keep us updated, I’m waiting for a full version. 

I am glad you like it, and thanks for the follow!


Pretty interesting game. Keep up the great work.

Thank you for playing my game and for your video!
Good job on finishing the game!

I am glad you found my game interesting.


Thief fan, I'm guessing? That's positive points in my book!

(1 edit) (+1)

You got that right. Great games (the first ones). Actually, in my first game-project I did create a level of the first Thief game. It was for a school exam. I have never finished it. However, I am still working on it from time to time.


The game seems so interesting and absolutely amazing. I wish It could be released on the ps4 because I know a lot of people who would play this game but they dont play pc. Anyway keep up the good work!!!!!!

Thank you so much!

Maybe I can release it on PS4 at some point. I hope so.

Either way I love your vision and your ability to make interesting horror games is just amazing. I can't wait to see how this game turns out in the end!


It's really good! And that kid scared the s**t out of me! Will follow you now, Dev. Oh, I will follow you...

Thanks. I am glad you liked it.


Came from Markiplier. Cool game.

Thanks a lot!


I can't wait for the full game to release! I enjoyed it so much!

Thanks for playing. I am glad you enjoyed the game.


This game is NOT compatible with Mac OS.  As a developer, you might consider not to overemphasize expectations.  And, while other PC-Games run with Wine and Xquartz installed on a Mac, this one does not ;)

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I am sorry the game didn’t work out for you, but thank you for telling me!
I have already mentioned in the game description the game is untested on MAC. You are actually the first one who have reported back to me.
I am not having high expectations at all. I thought Unity would build the game for Windows, Linux and MAC (64 bit) by default. I know now, that's not the case. It requires a separate build for MAC.
I have removed the MAC availability icon for now. I need to learn about how this works.


The same goes for Linux. What you've uploaded is only the Windows build.

Unity can build for Windows, Linux, and Mac (plus other OSes), but you've got to tell it to do so, and do it one at a time.

Yeah, I guess you are right.


i felt the play through was more smoother than last time when i played. The darker rooms have become more captivating but what i did notice was how plain the bathroom still is maybe put some blood or small features in like a ghost in a mirror or a first person view of the character.

But i am pleased my last play through was taken into account was more entertaining. Especially with fewer bugs This time around, but if i had to change anything it  would be the jump scare with the ghost and the buggy text other than that i believe itscoming along swimmingly with the added improvements.

nevilles taylor(:

Thank you for playing again and the second video!

As you noticed last time you played, there was a lot of bugs. It took me a while to fix most of them. There are still a few I am struggling with.
I don’t know if the game has become smother. If that’s the case, it’s great. However, I still have some issues with the lighting/quality settings. 
The bathroom will of course have a lot more stuff added into it. I just need to make a lot of these assets first (toilet, mirror and sink etc.). I like your suggestions with the mirror and blood.
The clock has NOT been changed, but the clock hands lock when they hit the correct time.
FYI. When you deliver the violin, you can ask Elizabeth the questions below in the dialogue.
You mentioned you would change the ghost jump scare. What did you have in mind? I am open for great suggestions.
Likewise, I am not sure what you meant by “Buggy text”.
The next update is going to be a larger one. Hopefully I can release it somewhere in January (2020).
Here are some of the topics I am working on:

• New content (Outside area)
• New objectives
• Save / Load feature
• Better AI system
• Enemies

Thanks again for taking an interest into my project and helping me out. It means a lot to me!


This was really well put together! The puzzles were fairly challenging, and three audio was done very well to provide a creepy environment. It felt a lot like a mystery game. Here's my playthrough: 


Thank you for playing and your video

Congratulations on finishing the game. Well done!

Unfortunately, you were playing an older version. I have made several clues/hints a bit better. I have also added a new player model, so he isn’t transparent. Furthermore, I have added an ending/credits screen

The zodiac box was about counting their arms/legs.

There is nothing behind the basement door.

I am glad you liked the game, and your eager to finish it 😊

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A lot of fun playing this. The puzzles make one think but a few items were hard to find (likely because I am blind as a bat). I did encounter some bugs you may be interested in seeing :)  Ty for inviting me to see the game and I look forward to seeing progress.

Thank you for playing, your video and your feedback!

Congratulations – you were the first ever who made it outside (hacks) 😊

Sorry about the bugs. I am aware of attic issue, where you can look and obviously get through and the stuck problem with the NPC. I will make their behavior more natural, when I have the time. For now, I have just added some colliders, which prevent the player from getting stuck in small gaps.

 Unfortunately, you were not playing the latest version. I have improved a bit since your version.

  • I have made a new player model, so he isn’t transparent anymore.
  • Some clues/hints and descriptions have been improved a bit

The lantern and hammer aren’t important yet.

You didn’t miss anything laying around. It wouldn’t be fair to hide stuff in a dark corner, unless I’d notify the player to look closely. The last stuff you needed, was in the zodiac box, the casket and the closet. If you did spot more bugs or if you have suggestions, please let me know. Thanks again!


(spanish lets play) i had a lot of fun playing ,the game was really good, some puzzles stump me so i wasn't able to finish it :(  but overall it was a fun game :D keep up the good work (ver 0.91) 


Thank you for playing and your video

This was the first time I watched the newest version. This was great to watch, even though I don’t understand Spanish.

I am sorry you got stuck. I thought I already fixed that issue. I guess I missed that corner. I will change her movement behavior, to become more natural, when I have the time.

I am glad you had fun.

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This video is from the 0.0.7 release, I plan to make a video on the update soon! I provide some constructive ((hopefully)) feedback around the 15 min mark. I do hope you enjoy the video and if you need help with a puzzle i think I've got you covered here. 

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Thank you for playing, the video and your feedback!

Great feedback, I will try and cover what you mentioned.

Unfortunately, you were playing an older version. Not 0.0.9, but 0.0.7 or something below.

Just to clarify, a lot of these things you mentioned has already been fixed. This includes:
• Several hints/clues have been improved a bit (not perfect yet)

• Added a notification in the start menu, which informs the player about missing elements/ unimportant items (this includes the hammer)

• Ending screen/credits has been added

• The stuck problem with Elizabeth. I will make her behavior more natural when I can (I have to learn it first).

• Wrong items (not keys) on doors, now says “This is not a key!”

The chess puzzle - I am aware this can be a bit “boring”, and I will think of something else. I have already been recommended the snap feature (great suggestion). I will implement it when I can.

The auto read book feature, is also a great suggestion. I will implement that as well.

The paper (leaf from the tree) you had with the colors, tells you how the books should be placed in the self. I can’t make the books be placed last. Then the shelf would open towards you. I think that would be an issue.
The zodiac puzzle is all about counting their legs and arms

The cube puzzle descriptions mention “Figure” and “Square”. That’s how it should be, otherwise it would be too easy to solve. I will however consider another font, because several people having trouble reading it. 

Last but not least. There will of course be added a lot more scary stuff. I promise.

If you got more ideas please let me know. Thanks again!

After playing version 0.0.9 I have drawn some conclusions:

- Very varied and entertaining puzzles.
- The inventory system is well done.
- The journal, where the objectives were noted.
- The implementation of an NPC (Elizabeth) with which you can talk and ask things about history.
- A very intriguing story.
- The design of the house.
- The implementation of the character's body with its animations.
- The implementation of physics in some objects.

- Unfortunately I found three important bugs that did not allow me to finish the game:
  a) Elizabeth approached me to talk to me but I was between the clock and the table, causing my character to be unable to move.
  b) Just after the first bug, I opened the pause menu but it never appeared, when I moved the mouse only the compass moved.
  c) When I got the 3 chess pieces I tried to solve the puzzle, but at first it seemed confusing and I left it for later, but when I came back it told me that I was missing pieces, even though I had them all in the journal.
- I found some small bugs (they don't affect the game):
  a) Some lights disappear when you walk away and suddenly appear when you approach (living room).
  b) In the attic, I placed myself on top of an object and the character's camera went over the roof and I could see the outside scene (sky, trees ...).
  c) When my lighter's bar ran out, the light didn't go out. It only went out when I did it myself.

- Add more horror moments.
- Remove background music and replace it with more sound effects. Example: when you approach a window that the wind and the sound of trees are heard.
That generates more immersion. (It's only a personal opinion)
- When entering "puzzle mode" and hover over the objects that you can collect, I would like "E" to know that you can interact with that. Just as you did with the doors and other objects.
- Add another color to the bottom of the inventory or the images of the objects have a delineated, since when I grabbed some objects such as the hammer or shirt, I did not know very well where they were because they hardly saw each other.

In general, a very good game that combines puzzles with a few moments of terror, with the occasional slight failure that can be solved. Very enjoyable and entertaining.

Thank you for playing and your feedback!

This is a long-detailed list. I will try my best to cover it all

The bugs you mentioned (chess and stuck) were major, I am sorry for that, but also, I am glad you managed to point them out, so I could fix them.

I have already fixed these bugs in the latest version (hopefully).

I do admit I have some issues with the lighting in different resolutions/quality settings. I don’t exactly know how to fix these yet. I have tried playing around with the lighting settings, but somehow it doesn’t want to behave like I want it to.

The attic – yeah, I know about this. That’s why I disabled the jumping function at first. I will think of something.

I didn’t know about the lighter-bar. I will look into that.

There will be a lot more horror events. I promise. I figured these bugs were more important to solve and they were also taking a lot of my time. Therefore, I was set a bit back unfortunately.

I do agree with some more sound effects like you suggested. As for the music. It was meant as a temporary ambience in the beginning. However, most people did comment it as a good thing to the game, so I am gonna leave it for now. For your information, it can be disabled in the sound-options. 

As for picking up stuff in “puzzle mode”. I have seen a lot of people having trouble picking up stuff and so on. My thoughts about this. I have a plan trying to make a new mouse cursor. Which also tells the player which item by name, you are hovering over. This cursor will also include the key to press.

The inventory. That will be fixed.

I am glad you were entertained. Thank you so much for your feedback. It really helps me to make my game better!

Great, I'm glad I was helpful.

I am sure that soon the game will improve a lot.

Keep up the good work!


This is a good start to a game! The puzzles took awhile but I think it could use some more intensity as far as the horror goes.

Thank you for playing and you video!

You finished the game, nice job!

First of all, yes, the game will indeed be a lot scarier. In fact, I am working on it at the moment. 

Some people have the game a bit lighter than it is supposed to. That I am going to look at as well. You didn’t need your candle at all.

The thing you got from the jewelry box was a diary. It disappeared because you had the key on the cursor, while picking the diary up and while the inventory was closed. I am aware of this issue, and I might already have solved this issue already. So, it can be implemented within the next update.

Thanks again.


I like what I've been able to play, but I'm completely stumped on a few puzzles.  I can't figure out the clock, even though I thought I knew the solution from a book, I can't figure out the bookcase, even though the note I found makes my solution appear correct, and I cannot find the third chess piece (zodiac and girl I got). I also couldn't find what the rusty key goes to.

Ambience and design are great, but I just got a little lost.

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Thank you for playing

I am glad you liked it so far.

I don’t know which version you played, but the latest version has some improvements to the hints/clues. However, they are not perfect yet.

As you already mentioned, the brown book does indeed have a clue about the clock. Also, the journal has a hint function, to the clock.

It seems you were close solving it. The books have to be set correctly in the shelf, before you set the clock, otherwise it won’t work.

I don’t know which chess pieces you got, but I can imagine you missed the one in the drawer. The others, you get from the girl and the zodiac box. The key isn’t important. It fits a trunk, but you don’t need its content to finish the game.


Finally played this demo. Creepy vibe but could not figure out the puzzle. 

Thank you for playing and your video!

There are clues described in the books about how to solve the bookshelf. Furthermore, a hint option is possible in the journal. These hints were not the greatest in the version you played. I have improved them a bit since.

The chess board, you almost got it right by the end. Just flip the kings/queens. I am aware it can be frustrating. A guy suggested, I should make the pieces snap if they are correct placed. I will work on that.

The stove, you just needed to put in the paper and ignite it afterwards.

The key to the basement were on the desk, along with the smoking cigar 😊

You figured out the zodiac box, good job.

horror games bad 4 my mental health kkkk

I am sorry to hear that.


First of all, thank you guys kindly for sending me this to begin with. It's always wildly appreciated. Sorry it took me a little while.

I shoulds say, I have generally had a problem lately with games appearing darker as I play them than they do after recording for some bizarre reason I cannot pinpoint, so I apologize in advance for times where I complain the game is "too dark". THat is not the case.

So, "Unaware", essentially a sort of Escape Room puzzle solving horror game, at least from this demo, is actually pretty interesting. I like the setting of the mansion, and that you have to do such mundane things as get dressed and eat to regain your strength before you can actually go outside. It's a quick way to learn about the inventory, too. And the puzzles themselves are fairly nice and straightforward, with understandable solutions and the necessary hints abound... that is, if you can find the hints and the game decides that your solution is valid. You will plainly see several times that I input the valid combination to the clock puzzle without getting any reaction, leading me to think I misinterpreted the clue until it randomly decided to work... as well as the chess game which had several bugs, including giving me a "You can solve this now" message when I only had two pieces, and being entirely too finicky with the placement of the pieces. Again, you can plainly see me end up winning by wiggling a pawn around until it decides it's precise enough. And finally, for the shapes puzzle... I ended up bruteforcing it, because I frankly have absolutely no idea where on Earth that clue was  - or how I unlcoked the bookcase leading up there given I couldn't get the book placement to work the way I thought it would.

With all that said, I do like the puzzles in and of themselves, and what few scares that appear are quite effective - there just aren't quite enough of them. I am not asking for a jumpscare every room (heavens no), but walking around a house where "scares" amount to two scripted events and the occasional evil noise that comes from seemingly nowhere gets stale after a little while. Although I do appreciate that you aren't trying to solve puzzles while a monster is chasing you or anything of the sort. After a while, you just kind of end up walking around a house more than being trapped in a spooky place.

But all the same - atmosphere is thick, and you definitely do get curious as to where the heck things are going. With some fixes to make puzzles more responsive, some clue locations a bit more intuitive, an extra scare here and there (and a bit of correction on the english text), this could go some pretty cool places. I see an update or two has been uploaded since I played, so who knows, you might have already fixed some of these.

 Despite some frustration with puzzles that wouldn't register as solved - I had fun! Keep it up!

Thank you for playing, your video and your feedback. 

Good job on completing the game.

I have mailed you my answers!

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