A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


The scene takes place in an area somewhere in England in the 1920’s. You wake up from a bed in a big house, without any idea who you are and where you are. Perhaps someone lives there. Your condition is bad, and therefore it could be nice with some friendly faces willing to help you out. You will quickly discover that’s not the case.


How to play

As you progress you will find some interesting objects. Some objects are collectable and some are useable. The crosshair will turn green, if you look at objects of interest.

The inventory:

The items you have collected, will appear in your inventory. Some items has a HAND icon. This is for using the item on yourself, like equipping. The MAGNIFYING GLAS icon appears on items with deeper information, for example a book to read. As for using items on useable objects, simply drag the item from the inventory onto the object.
As you hover over the current item in your inventory, a tooltip will describe the item.

The journal:

Throughout the game, you will come across several events. Therefore, you will have a journal to keep track of these events.


In the game there are some puzzles. Most of them are important, because they will unlock your progression.

Some puzzles do have some clues, which helps you to solve them.


Controls (Customizable)

Movement: ASWD

Sprint: Shift

Interact: E

Inventory: I

Light: F

Journal: J

Menu / Close: Escape


Game in development

This game is a demo version. you will come across several items and objects which aren’t really necessary, for completing the demo. Furthermore, I am aware of certain bugs, but they will be taken care of, when time allows it.

The full game will contain more areas, like an outside area containing a harbor, lighthouse, forest, church, crypt and more. The game is an open world game as we know it from games like Skyrim etc. which will give the player more freedom to navigate.

I have been working solo on this game for almost a year, and finally I have something to release.

The game should run on Linux and Mac, but has not been tested.

I am looking forward to get some feedback, constructive criticism & suggestions from you guys.

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Updated 5 hours ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorAces Games
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, First-Person, Ghosts, Horror, Mystery, Singleplayer, Story Rich, surr, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Extract the files with WinRaR and play the game.


Unaware Demo 0.0.7.rar 296 MB

Development log


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Hewwo Earth dwellers! I played more than ONE scary game and this time around we have special guest Unaware! Many thanks to the developer that reached out and told me about the game! Didn't finish because i'm a fat dumb shit! 


Cool game. Lots of puzzles which look quite promising.

Thank you for playing and the video!

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I understand that this game is a Demo. But it was listed as a horror. It felt more like a puzzle with horror atmosphere. I do believe this game has potential and would love to play a more flushed out version that has a story, or at least a bit more story, programed in it. That being said I do love and enjoy the game and hope to see an update in the near future!

Here's a full detail description of my thoughts on the game. Pros:  - Great atmosphere - Little girl is creep AF - Journal give you hints if you chose to use it. Great idea for those who want help or those who want to figure it out.

Cons: - Majority of the puzzles have no backing. Example: The Clock was a lucky guess. The chess pieces do nothing when found or wasn't explained what needed to be done.  - Puzzles like the 3 cubes and the 8 pictures do require a bit of thinking.  - Texture quality could be smoother.  - Candle didn't really do much. Without it I can still see perfectly fine. Also, a small bug I found is when you don't have the candle light. You can still pick up candles and use them. Basically wasting a candle stick. - Text speed is painfully slow. No skip or fast forward option. - (Personal) Demo had no end. You basically do all the puzzles you're able to and that's it. Nothing tells you, you are finished. 

Thank you for playing, your video and your feedback!
This was the first time I saw a playthrough with the new version of the demo. I had a fun time watching it.
Very good feedback list you made there. I will try my best to answer everything.

As you already mentioned it was a demo version. That’s why the game lacks the story plot and some stuff is out of content. It will come along in the future. For the time being, it is most important to see if the game mechanics work correctly. 
The clock does have a clue within the brown book you read (12 soldiers etc.) I will however work on the chess puzzle. In fact, I am not sure, if I event want it as it is at the moment. 
Textures will become better in the final version. I will also implement decals and a lot more assets.
The candle – Well I am not sure if I want it to be in the first room. For the moment it remains. I am aware of the using candlestick bugs. It will be fixed within the next update.

I will try to make some more tutorial stuff in the first room, so it is easier for the player to learn the game. I will also make a notification for the player to remember to pick up the candle before he leaves the room.
I have seen a bunch of videos. Some players have different lighting settings than others. In your case, the light didn’t do much. Furthermore, the girl-shadow on the wall in the red room didn’t appear when you entered. I will look into that as well. 
Text speed – If you mean in the dialogue with the NPC, it can be skipped if you press escape. I will make it highlight in the next update. Your suggestion with the forward option was great. I will try make it possible.
I will also make it possible to see the dialogues in the journal on a different page.

If you have done the main objective, you are able to click the front door and get a notification about you have finished the demo.
I will try and make a notification, when you have completed these objectives, and are ready to head outside.
Finally, I will disallow the player moving stuff from inventory while it is closed. It causing some confusing situations.


thank you again for the invite. also nice job awesome game!


Thank you for playing and your video!

Congratulations on finishing the demo. Good job!


i was recommended this horror game late last week thanks for the email(: its a good start considering its only a demo. and i hope it becomes more entertaining as development with the game progresses.

the lantern actually died on me a few times without my doing lol, possible bug? The texture of the rooms could also be improved, maybe even make the NPC ghost into a jump scare  to get a reaction out of players?

also most of the puzzles were very straight forward and simple expect the astrology box puzzle down stairs which was a little confusing but thanks for the heads up.

Thank you for playing, the video 

I have replied you on your youtube channel.


Played it and wasn't able to solve any of the puzzles, but I had a lot of fun irregardless and can't wait for the full  game to be released

Thank you for playing and the video!

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Unaware is an awesome game. The puzzle elements in the game outweigh, the story and horror themes alongside well-processed.
Pros: It has an awesome environment. Controls was easy to get used to. How to play part is guiding. Light and dark areas is ok. Text are easy to read and has good quality. Hints are very usefull, sound effects are excellent.
Cons & Additions: This is the demo version of the game, I know, but in future may be more candles will be added or keep burning for a while. There are some glitches in attic. If pressing space at short intervals, our character jumping a little bit but not adequate. May be crouch movement will be add, so players can easily crouch for finding sth. When investigating an object, pressing J or I button didn't work sometimes. Thanks to the Aces Games, keep going!

Hi, thank you for playing, the video and your feedback. It really means a lot to me!

You are welcome. Playing Unaware gave me a very good time really!Any comments, likes, dislikes, shares of my YT channel welcome btw.

Gave it a go...

Hi, thank you for playing and the video!

I am sorry you didn’t like the game, but thanks for being honest. 


Thanks for Sending me the link of this game. Incredible work nice puzzle with couple of bugs. :)

Hi, thank you for playing and the video!

I hope you enjoyed the game!

Yeah :)


This was a really cool game!  The puzzles for this were pretty hard too.  

Hi, thank you for playing and the video!

Man, you are almost better to this game than myself 😉

Good job!


Made a video


Thank you for playing and the video!


I got a bit lost and I think I messed up a few of the puzzles. I did my best and I thought I was right with the clock puzzle but it just didn't want to work for me, not sure why...

Hi, thank you for playing, the video and the feedback! 

I guess I'll give the candle some more juice :)

It'd be nice, just a little bit more because it can be pretty hard to see still lol


Thank you for asking me to play this game. This was really neat! Not so scary tho and based more puzzle solving than spookiness but the puzzles were interesting. I was able to solve all what I found and then I didn't know what to do or where to go or what to do items what I have. anyway here is video of it!


Thank you for playing and the video!

I know the game is not too scary at the moment, but it will be in the future. Thats a promis. 

This is  a demo, therefore some items are not useable and not important yet.

 It is important to me to see if the game mechanics works as they should.


This game is really cool! I wasn't able to figure out the shelf or clock puzzle, but I had fun anyways! 

Thank you for playing and for the vid :)

No problem!


Hello! Firstly, i love your game so far! :) Also, i have some questions and i was hoping you can help me a bit: i can't pass the chess puzzle, and also the clock puzzle. Some hints, pls?! :)

Hi, Thank you for playing.

The chess puzzle, you need 3 missing pieces. The puzzle is not really a puzzle. Just think from the beginning.

The clock puzzle is connected to the books laying around in the study room. If you read the books, you can see a short description. This is the hint.

If you need further help, please ask me :)


here is my Gameplay Video, best regards from Germany ;)


Thank you for playing and for the video!

My german is a little rusty, but I did understand parts of it :)

;) hey, i am Happy that you like it ;) can't wait for the full Version of this one ;)

add more Monsters / Ghost's / Jumpscares or so, which make the atmosphere 

intensive ;) Thx for your Email and let me play it ;)


Here's the gameplay! I still couldn't light the stove!  I will say, though, I really like these types of games.  I would definitely play a full version!


Did you collect all the wood and paper?

Yes! 4 pieces of wood and 1 piece of paper! I couldn't light it.  Also, I couldn't turn on the lantern either and the map is blank!

I haven't drawed the map yet, thats why it's blank.  

The lantern has no functionality yet, and is not important in the demo.

The stove should work though. It seems really strange that you can't light it up.

But I thank you for playing and for the feedback.

I tried the game... and would say it got a lot of different puzzles already some harder than others... Would recommend others to try the game and leave some comments on the game so the developer can make it an even bigger game... 

Thank you for playing.